From project to business process in an organization

Charity project
A project was set up in Malawi in 2012 to teach farmers how to grow their daily food profitably in a much better and sustainable way. We first had to learn for ourselves how the people in the countryside actually live and work. The terms simplicity, simple, flexible, respect, trust, and doing it yourself were central, but mostly “giving makes you rich”. We have started giving. Learn how to do it and give them what they need to do what they have learned. Close to home with very minimal environmental impact. It was inextricably linked to the agreement that people give back part of what they have produced. That was a wonderful success. A characteristic of a project is that the activities are limited in time and resources. This is not the case with us.

Food For LiFe
After a few years, the interest in this very simple project was so unbelievably large and successful that it expanded into a successful organization. It has impact, it is very simple, and it has a very low price per meal. Two cents. The environmental impact is very minimal and it is sustainable. These prove to be the basic conditions for success. Participants organize themselves in a hierarchical way. The basis for this was laid in the original structure of Charity. Collaborate together. Learn from the mistakes that are made and connect with the norms, values ​​and customs of the country. Stay close to their own abilities and culture. Leave the people in their own worth. Give confidence. Listen. Encourage and praise. Help with what they experience as difficult and offer a solution anywhere and anytime. Not searching for what went wrong. Not checking on the last token but following the main lines. Including business-like, financial accountability and checking outlines.

The project has grown into an organization of capital and labor. An organization of production factors, procedures and people. A part of the economy that not only benefits the participants but also has a considerable spin-off that we cannot yet measure. Not only because more trade has arisen but also because people apply the method themselves profitably to their own country. No longer hungry and have finances to be able to pay their school fees themselves and to be able to give the doctor money for his good help.

An NGO has already been established in 2014. That was a difficult birth. The four national members now realize that they have an important task to fulfill. They can only fulfill that task properly if the organization is well organized. The capacity building is well laid in the foundation. Five regional directors manage their local committees well. These committees ensure that local managers do what they have to do. The basis is that 7 people in a group work on 1 acre. Together. All, nationally, regionally and locally, volunteers born in Malawi. That works great. They also ensure that the new entrants are properly trained and trained. The next step is to realize capacity expansion.

Capacity Expansion
In order to set up a really good, sustainable organization that also has sufficient knowledge, relationships and courage, a central point must be set up where participants can turn to with their questions. What employees know about. There will have to be procedures. No procedures based on Western models but based on their own way of doing things. An office where the government can also be shown what is being done and why it is being done. No more a few thousand participants in a hundred villages, like now, but tens of thousands throughout the country, so that hunger is not only in the villages of our participants, but throughout Malawi. Yes we can. Yes we do.

Working capital
In order to optimally expand the organization over the next three years, more sustainable financial assistance is needed. That is best in the form of multi-year gifts. Fixed commitments for a number of years so that you can build on a solid sustainable foundation.

For this we urgently ask for your sustainable financial assistance.

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